Jbh Sailing is proud to be the reseller of the Aeolos P30 in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and northern part of Germany (Schleswig Holstein, Hamburg and Niedersachen / Bremen).
We will have a demonstration boat on trailer located in the Copenhagen area from early spring 2022.

The AEOLOS Performance 30“ (P30) is optimized for single and double hand sailing and works in a wide range of offshore conditions up to category A. This boat is not only a fast carbon boat, but also a concept for short handed sailing at low costs. Easy transport, launching, low maintenance and a lot more keep running cost to a minimum and you can concentrate on what makes you successful: Training and racing. 

The boat is very well optimized under ORC handicap rule, but without compromizing performance. With the current ORC rules beeing so precize now, this boat will be long lasting fast allround design.

The boat fits perfectly into the upper limit of the small class (25-30 feet) of the most popular races in Denmark, Silverrudder, Vegvisir Race, Guldborg Sund Baltic  and Denmark Round.


The AEOLOS Performance 30″ (P30) is a long lasting fast allround hull design for a very nice price. Ideal for short and medium distance racing and typical Baltic Sea and Solent conditions – windspeeds 12-14 knots average. The CFD calculations proofed that a single rudder and a close eye on wetted surface is fast under this conditions. This boat don´t follow marketing driven design or rating trends. Sure, the rating issues is important and is very well optimized, but not on the cost of hull performance. The ORC rule become better and better, and it means producing waste if you produce a rule breaker.

– simple, reliable, light
– quick to assemble (without crane), easy to transport
– single/double hand (OSR2) and inshore racing with six
– CE-Norm Category B (offshore), upgrade to A with additional equipment possible

– length: 9,14m
– width: 2,91m
– 1.55t empty but rigged boat without sails and motor
– 1,980t double hand full equipped for 3 days sailing with 160kg Crew
– ballast ratio: more than 50% (800kg)
– draft: 2,3m – 0,5m


By looking at every little detail, success grows.

We optimized the boat with several teams in following areas:

– Speed: Hull Design for 12-14 knots of wind and short and medium distance racing.

– Rating optimization: We carefully optimized for ORC without loss of real speed.

– Weight/safety: We developed a strong, reliable yacht at low weight for Cat A.

– Handling: We added a lof of handling advantages which no influence on the rating but on the speed.

– Recreation: We put our focus on recreation while sailing, especially in bad weather.

– Transport: We reduced campaign costs by easy transport and short assembling time without need of a crane.

– Production: The price for the basic boat is incredible for a full carbon rocket … ask for the sales docs.

– Sales & Service: We care about our customers and strive for a long and good relationship.

No 1 on the water in Dubai 

The building of hull no 3 , The Beast, for Denmark.

Boat no 3, The Beast on the water during SilverRudder 2022.

Building of hull no 1 for Dubai

3D rendering from the design process 

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