On my Aeolos I have installed a small searchlight underneath the bowsprit.
It can be switched on/off from the cockpit.

I got a chance to test in real life late Saturday night when sailing singlehanded through Grønsund, a narrow sound with lots of buoys without lights.
It worked just amazing; I was able to spot the reflecting band on the buoys several hundred meters away.

Compared to a handheld spot, you of course don’t to have to hold it and there are no reflections from the deck, ruining your nightvision.
This light is a really nice feature for especially singlehanded sailors which offen lacks a hand or two.

My one comes from LOPO Light, https://www.lopolight.com/products/illumination/6w-led-lights-deck-spreader/6w-spreader-light-dimmable-36-reflector-blk Weight is only 280 grams and power consumption is as little 520 ma / 12 volts. Output is 1500 lumen.

Jan B. Hansen

North Sails

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